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Southbridge Town Council and School Committee Debate Format

Posted by Mike Jaynes 6/08/12 8:12AM
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The Southbridge Town Council and School Committee Debates will be held June 9th in Town Hall.

The first debate will be for School Committee and is scheduled to start at 1:00PM. The second debate will be for Town Council and is scheduled to start at 3:00PM.

Both debates will be moderated by Peter Cooper Jr. from Charlton.

Debate format is the same for both debates.

Seating will be determined by candidates drawing, in alphabetical order by last name, a number for their seat assignment. Any candidates not present during the drawing will have a seat number drawn by a surrogate.

Each candidate will be given two minutes for an opening statement.

Each round will have a number of questions equal to the number of candidates participating. During a round each candidate will be asked a question drawn randomly from the available questions. The candidate being asked the question will have two minutes to respond to the question. Following the candidates response each other candidate will be given one minute to offer a response of their own. This will be in order of the next higher seat number until the highest seat number is reach and then the lowest seat number will follow. The next higher seat number order will continue until all candidates have been given a chance to respond.

The candidate to be asked the first question each round will be determined by drawing a number of the assigned seats with candidates. No candidate shall be asked the first question of a round in more than one round.

If a candidate references another candidate during their response, the moderator may, at his discretion, allow the referenced candidate an additional opportunity to rebut the statement.

Rounds will continue as time allows with the intent for the each debate to last one and a half hours in entirety.

Candidates will be given 3 minutes each for closing statements.